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Associate of the Royal Photographic Society

This is my successful panel layout
And these are the individual images


ARPS Statement


You sit reflecting on the ripples in a pond, or in a lake,

And your mind begins to wander at the different forms they take.

Is it magic? Is it mystery? That conjures up these patterns

Then you’re left with just the memory and as the water flattens

You have to ask the question, were they real or were they fake?


       I find the interaction between light and water fascinating.
The way reflected or refracted colours change shape and form can turn the mundane into the surreal, the commonplace into the rare.
My intention is to explore this phenomenon and try to cause the viewer to speculate about the subject matter of each print.
The way rapidly flowing water distorts a shape is often very different to the effect created by ripples or wind generated waves. The colour of pollutants within the water can filter the reflected sky and create a different hue.

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